Thursday, October 13, 2011

"A Marty Stanley Sunset"

     I've been blessed to know the very talented artist named Marty Stanley, who painted all of these beautiful landscapes. He has captured the beauty and I'd even say the feeling you get when you're in the California Delta. There truly isn't another place on earth that calms me. When I look at his paintings I feel like I can breathe.
    I wish that he was still here to paint the delta; even though he has passed, I know that everyone still thinks of him often when we see a breath-taking sunset. Many people still refer to him when they see a breath-taking sunset, calling it "a Marty Stanley Sunset."


Becky Severns said...

Hi Katie! These are beautiful! Are prints of his artwork available anywhere? Keep blogging...I'm enjoying it

Just A Delta Girl said...

Thanks Becky! I'm glad you enjoy them too. You can get some prints from or if you want to take a drive to Walnut Grove, there is an art gallery called The Tong that usually carries some of his prints. I have two of them in my house and smile every time I walk by them. :)