Monday, January 7, 2013

The Easiest Dinner

You may or may not be familiar with the Budget Savvy Diva, but after this post you will be a fan. Trust me! She posts all types of budget friendly meals and best part is that she posts a new recipe everyday! I stumbled upon her blog through Pinterest. (FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST HERE!) 

I decided to try one of her yummy recipes; The Crescent Burgers, (honestly, I only had the ingredients for this recipe). 

TIME:  If your ground beef is already defrosted this recipe will only take you 20 minutes! Ten minutes to cook the meat and ten minutes in the oven. Super easy!

MY COMMENTS:  She says they taste just like White Castle Burgers, but I've never tasted those before. My boyfriend and I both thought they tasted simular to the cheeseburgers at In N Out. (Our California comparison!) 

SUGGESTIONS:  For a healthier version, I'll use ground turkey instead of ground beef. 

**Also, I made a quick dipping sauce which consisted of: ketchup, mustard, a garlic & herb mayonaise, (regular mayonaise is fine, just add a dash of garlic powder and dried parsley).

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